Furniture & Leather Cleaning

We professionally clean your fine fabric and leather furniture!

In our more than 20 years of experience in cleaning furniture of all fine fabrics, as well as leather, we have become the experts and we will get your furniture clean!

The majority of the fabrics that we clean are lightly colored, especially white. We specialize in cleaning Cotton, Leather, Microfiber, Ultra-Suede, Linen, Silk and Velvet furniture. We also specialize in cleaning yellowing fabrics and fabrics with odors such as pet and smoke odors. All of the furniture we clean is deodorized and protected with 3M Scotchgard or DuPont Teflon at no additional charge.

Our proven & thorough system of cleaning your fabric furniture:

1. First, we vacuum your furniture thoroughly.

2. Next, all pillows and cushions are removed and checked thoroughly for spots and soil.

3. The entire base of your furniture, pillows and cushions are then pretreated for spots, soil & pet odors as needed.

4. We then steam clean your furniture: the entire base, pillows and cushions using 220° heat to sanitize & deodorize your furniture.

5. Lastly, we apply either DuPont Teflon or 3M Scotchgard your furniture at no additional charge.

How we get your leather furniture clean and looking like new:

1. First, all of the leather is checked for spots and soil and we spray your leather with a low pH leather cleaner, loosening all of the deep, down dirt and spots.

2. We then apply a leather cleaner and conditioner, going over your leather twice, making sure all the deep, down dirt is removed. (Remember that your leather furniture is an animal skin, and just like your skin it needs to be conditioned, or else it will become dry and crack over the years. Your leather furniture should be conditioned regularly to prevent this from happening and bring your leather back to life).

3. Finally, we apply a leatherguard to help protect your leather from everyday use.